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Providing Positive Encouragement To Your Child Is One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Them.

The I'm So Proud Of® book builds confidence, self esteem and provides children a written keepsake of how amazing they are that will last a lifetime.

While Supplies Last, Get a Special Limited Edition I'm So Proud Of® book FREE with each purchase.

I'm So Proud Of®

The I'm So Proud Of® book teaches children about bullying, respect, friendship, school, and many other topics through engaging and child-friendly short stories that help reinforce what you teach your child.

What makes this book unique is the space where you can write messages to your child when they do something that makes you proud.

We all tell our children how proud we are of them, (it's  one of the best positive phrases to say to a child) As we all know telling a child something lasts about 7 seconds--on a  good day.  However, writing a note to them in their very own I'm So Proud Of® book will last a lifetime and allow them to know how wonderful and amazing they are over and over.

Get your book(s) today and prepare for the loving hugs you'll get with every note you write.

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Special Limited Edition Book

Current Edition Book

Junior Book Club


A Few Notes From Buyers

 I sent 3 ISPO books to my 3 grandchildren in the UK .
They are 10, 8 and 1. This was the reply I got later from my son.

Hi Dad
Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for the presents for the girls and Olly.  Hannah in particular, and I quote. Hannah said “This is one of the best presents I have ever received”  She loves it and yesterday she had done really well in a math test (95%) so we could all write notes to Han.

Malcolm Simmonds
Proud Grandfather

━ Malcolm Simmonds

Junior Book Club

While supplies last, you'll get a FREE Limited Edition I'm So Proud Of® book with every current edition you purchase. 


The limited edition books allow you to write notes on custom sticky notes and place around the house.  Your child can find them and place them in the book for a fun and unique experience. 

Only $14.95 for both books and this includes shipping to anyplace in the US.  Taxes are also included.

Our new third edition book will launch once we sell out of our current books.  As an additional bonus, you'll get a coupon good for 50% off the purchase of our third edition book and when you use the coupon we'll give you a second third edition book FREE! 

Special Limited Edition Bonus Book

Get Your Book(S) Today And Provide Your Children Memories To Last A Lifetime.

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