The Great "Grad Bag" Is Coming!

You'll Be Helping the High School graduates of Northern Virginia get a "Grad Bag".


At least $5.00 of every sale will go to buy "Grad Bags to all the high school graduates of 2020 who lost so much because of C-19.


The "Grad Bag" will include a special customized tee shirt, customized tote bag, pens, customized waterproof bag for their phone, customized phone stand, customized phone wallet and more.

All will include the phrase "I'm a Proud Graduate of 2020"

We can't give the graduates back all they lost, but we can give them some free customized products.

You'll Save Money

You'll get instant and unlimited access to discounts and special offers from our partner businesses.  There will be thousands of dollars of discounts to save you money. 


There is no card to carry or coupons to cut and nothing to download.  You'll access the discounts using your phone and logging into a secure site.

Because of our unique approach to ensure everyone wins, you'll save a lot more than $9.95.

A child in your life will get an I'm So Proud Of® book.  Watch Our Video!












If you don't have children, send the book to someone who does because you'll still get access to the discounts from our partners. 

Only $9.95! 


You'll get Instant access to the discounts and special offers and the books will be sent marketing mail.  Please note: The reason we're sending the books using this method is because we save $2 per book and that allows us to give more graduates a "Grad Bag".  Please Note: Since we send the books marketing mail, shipping of the book will be delayed as there are minimum requirements by the USPS, but rest assured all books will be delivered and you'll get immediate and unlimited access to the discounts.  

Everyone can participate as we can send the books anyplace in the US.

If you want to order multiple books and have them sent to different people, select the number of books you want and then fill in one shipping address, then after you complete your order, click on the contact us link and provide the other addresses and we will handle the rest.

After you purchase, please help us by sharing our link through your social media and email channels and tell all your friends, family and coworkers to get involved.  We're relying on others to promote us since all proceeds go to the "Grad Bags".
The link is:

If you have any questions, click on the Contact Us link and we will be happy to help you.