We've Created a Fundraiser Where Everyone Wins!

Help First Responders


We will be contributing $5 of every sale to the "Feeding the First Responders mission in conjunction with Ciao Osteria Restaurant.


They are giving FREE meals to hospitals, 911 dispatch, Fire & Police stations.

100% of every $5 will be used for meals as they are picking up all other costs.

You'll Get an I'm So Proud Of® book












If you don't have children, donate your book to someone who does because you'll still get access to the discounts from our partners. 

You'll Save Money

You'll get instant and unlimited access to discounts and special offers from our partner businesses.  There will be thousands of dollars of discounts to save you money. 


There is no card to carry or coupons to cut.  Everything will be right on your phone.

Because of our unique approach to ensure everyone wins, you'll save a lot more than $9.95.

Only $9.95! 


You'll get Instant access to the discounts and special offers and the books will be sent in what's called marketing mail.  Please note: The reason we're sending the books using this method vs. first class mail is because we save $2 per book and 100% of those savings are being contributed to the "Feeding the First Responders Mission".  The only downside is shipping of the book will be delayed as there are minimum requirements by the USPS, but rest assured you will get the book(s) you order and you'll get unlimited access to the discounts immediately.  

Everyone can participate as we can send the books anyplace in the US.

After you purchase, please help us by sharing our link through your social media and email channels and tell all your friends, family and coworkers how they can help first responders, help children and save money--all at the same time. 
The link is: https://www.ImSoProudOf.com

If you have any questions, click on the Contact Us link and we will be happy to help you.