Creating Positive Relationships Between Kids, Adults and Businesses For The Benefit of All.

Help your business by helping 100,000 households get this amazing book for FREE.  The mailing goes to 100,000 households however your actual reach is much more than that.  Read below for all the details.

We help businesses get unlimited, exceptional and consistent short and long term exposure with the I’m So Proud Of® book and online through our site


The I'm So Proud Of® book is a unique interactive book that builds confidence and motivation in children by having the adults in their lives write positive notes when the child does something that makes the adult proud. 


This create a lasting keepsake of positive memories that will last a lifetime for the children and adults and provides businesses the ability to get exceptional positive and unique exposure.

While the book is mailed to 100,000 households, your message can be seen by three times that many adults as children will be excited to show their notes to other family members, friends and relatives.  And you’ll get unlimited and indefinite exposure from the site.

Since this is an interactive book, they will not be thrown away like a magazine or newspaper.  The books will be used as adults write notes to the children in their lives and the children and adults will read the stories over and over.

Plus since the books will have personalized notes from a loved one, they will be kept indefinitely and become a special keepsake for the child and adult. 

In keeping with our desire to help children, adults and businesses, we will be giving Our Military Kids a free ad in this book as they do wonderful things for children.  

Benefits of Participating in this special mailing:

  • Your ad will be in 100,000 books and the books will be used and read over and over by multiple adults in the households and seen by others outside the household as children love to share the books so while we mail 100,000, the exposure will be much more.

  • The area where an adult will write notes to their children will be directly under your company message to ensure exposure for your business.


  • If you get a full page ad, your company logo will be placed on the 100,000 full color bookmarks and this bookmark will be included with the book for even more exposure.

  • Your business will be seen as a business that is proactive in helping children.

  • You will get online exposure at our website and the site listing will never be removed.

  • Co-Sponsor and Full Page ad buyers will receive a banner at the site as well as the listing.

  • You will also be able to use your participation in this mailing for your own PR.

  • Your participation allows us to provide free advertising to Our Military Kids so even more children can be helped in a variety of ways.


  • We’ve covered all the bases so you’ll get immediate short and long term exposure with the books as well as immediate and indefinite exposure online.

The I'm So Proud Of® books are powerful, unique, 100% full color, and the messages in the books and the messages written to the child will help children of today become the positive, motivated, happy and confident adults of tomorrow.

By working together, we can provide 100,000 children and more than 100,000 adults this powerful, amazing and long lasting book that will be a keepsake of good memories that will last a lifetime and provide your business massive exposure at an exceptional price.


We’ve kept our pricing simple and affordable and there are NO extras or hidden fees.

All ads are full color and you can design your own ad or we can do it for you.

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