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Become An Advertising Sponsor for Our School Fundraising Program.

We've been helping children gain confidence and self esteem and providing adults a unique way to interact with their children with the I'm So Proud Of® book since 2014. 


Because this book has had such a positive impact on children and adults alike and because schools are in desperate need of raising money, we're creating a new division to use the I'm So Proud Of® book as a fundraiser for schools.


In order to make this happen, we're looking for sponsors to work with us and in return you'll get unlimited advertising, the ability to provide children a positive message and your company will be an integral part of the books.

The way the I'm So Proud Of® books work is they are filled with short stories so children can learn about important issues such as bullying, respect, friendship, school and many other topics.


The unique part of the book is there are spaces that adults can write their children a message when the child does something the adult is proud of.  These written notes provide a keepsake the child can look back on as they grow up so they can realize their self worth and remember how amazing they were and are.  We all tell our children how proud we are of them, however the written word lasts a lifetime.


Each book includes a bookmark that is placed in the book after a note is written so the child knows they have received a note.  The bookmarks are an integral aspect of the books and something that will not be thrown out but be seen every time a note is written.


As a sponsor, you'll have the opportunity to highlight your business and positive message on 1,000+ bookmarks that will be distributed in the books.  The more positive messages from a variety of businesses we can provide to children and adults, the more powerful the I'm So Proud Of® book becomes.

There will be 2 sponsors on each side of the bookmark and you can provide the positive message or we can write something for you to approve. 

We're also coming out with our third edition book where the covers inside and outside will contain 62 positive phrases and child friendly images.  Here's an example of the front and back covers of the new book and bookmark.

Front Cover


Back Cover


Bookmark new 4.png
Back of book.jpg

We want this to not only be a powerful sponsorship for you but also a great advertising opportunity, so in addition to the bookmark, you'll also receive your own sponsor web page that will be listed on thousands of sites as each fundraiser we do will have their own website.


Your sponsor web page will never expire and you'll have full control over its content, plus there will be no limits on the amount of online traffic you get to your page.


You'll also get 20 of the new third edition I'm So Proud Of® books and all will include your new bookmark.

Here's a short video with a happy tune so you can see the bookmark in action with the full color I'm So Proud Of® book.  Note: This is a high resolution video that does not like being small, so viewing in full screen is highly recommended.   You'll find the button for this in the bottom right of the screen after you start the video.

Here's a recap of what you'll get with the Sponsor/Advertising Service:

  • Unlimited and 100% Positive Exposure.

  • You'll be helping children, and adults with your positive message.

  • You'll be helping schools in the DMV get much needed funds.

  • 1,000+ Printed Full Color Bookmarks placed in the books to highlight your business and positive message.

  • Unlimited and Indefinite Online Advertising on thousands of websites with Your Sponsor and/or Partner page.

  • 20---Third Edition I'm So Proud Of® books with your new bookmark.  ($259.00 value.)  These will be great to give to clients, employees, friends, family--well anyone with children or expecting children.

The Sponsorship/Advertising is only $347 and you can save an additional $50 if you also become one of our partners.  See below:

As part of our fundraising campaigns for schools in the DMV area, we are also developing a business resource and discount center that everyone who buys a book during a fundraiser will get access to.

This will be something people can quickly and easily access from their phone and be able to find your business by location, business type, products/services, discount or special offer offer, and more.


You'll have full control over the information on your business and the offer you provide and you can change it anytime in your private member area of the site. 


All a business needs to do to be listed is provide some kind of special offer or discount to people who help the schools. 


You have the unique opportunity to be both a sponsor and a partner which is even more exposure for your business and by doing this we're reducing your sponsorship by $50 so your price will be $297.


Help your business by working with us to build confidence in children as parents provide them positive written notes while schools get a fundraiser that will supply money they desperately need. 


This is a win for all involved and we
look forward to working with you.

So what's the next step?

Fill in the information below and let us send you a FREE current edition of the I'm So Proud Of® book.  You will NOT be added to any list and you are under NO obligation to become a sponsor by getting the free book.


However, we only have a limited number of current books and sponsorships available so please only request your free book if you are serious about working with us.


We'll send you the book and call you after a few days to answer any questions. 


If you decide to be one of our sponsors, you can pay the one time fee at that point with a Check, Credit Card, PayPal or Venmo.


If you decide not to be one of our sponsors, we'll wish you all the best and thank you for taking a look.


Either way the free book is yours to keep.


If you have any questions that you want answered now, please call or text, Darryl Graham at 703-350-7976 or send an email to

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