Working Together, We Can Help Fairfax County Elementary Schools Raise Much Needed Money and Help Children--At The Same Time...

We're looking for businesses to help sponsor a very unique fundraising program for some Fairfax County Public Elementary Schools.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to:

  • Get 100% positive exposure

  • Enhance your positive social exposure

  • Help schools and children at the same time

  • Get your business listed in 50,000 to 100,000 I'm So Proud Of® books that people will be buying

We will be starting the fundraisers in late March using the latest edition of the I'm So Proud Of® book as the product people will buy from schools.  When someone buys from one of the school fundraisers, they will pay the same $9.95 price that we sell the book for online, however they will get a second book FREE and $5 of the sale will go directly to the school.

We will be working with a number of Fairfax county public elementary schools spread across the county and our goal is to help each school raise at least $5,000.


Because the cost is low and with our second book free donation, we anticipate a very good response for the schools.  

As a sponsor, we will ask you to help with the promotions or contribute anyway you desire.

Each school will have their own website and we will have a main site for our sponsors to promote that will allow people to support any school they desire.

Ways to Help

You can send the main site link to your employees, place it on your website or post it to your social media accounts and ask others to get involved to help the schools. 

If you want to make a financial contribution, we will use that money to purchase local advertising and your company will be mentioned in the ad as the sponsor.

Any business can participate as every contribution regardless of size will help us reach the $5,000 per school goal.

Call or text us at 703-350-7976 or fill in the form below to participate in this amazing and unique fundraiser to help children and elementary schools at the same time.  Thank you