Working Together,  

We all want to help out during the COVID-19 crisis and we've created a way to help your business while helping children and nonprofits at the same time.  


There is NO cost to your business and this is an excellent way to help your business now and when things get back to normal.  There will be tens of thousands of people using our site to support the businesses involved with this fundraiser.

Your business can participate in one or two ways

First--You can offer a discount or special offer to the participants of the fundraiser:

You can make a special offer or discount for everyone who helps the schools and this can be anything you want.  You can offer a percent or dollar amount off a purchase, buy one get one free, buy one get one at half price, if you own a restaurant, you can do a children eat free or specially priced meal, special offer good on a certain day or time of week etc. 


Anything you want to offer will be appreciated and help make the fundraiser a huge success for the schools and help you get more business. 

The benefits to you include:


  • Free Advertising

  • Access to New Customers

  • 100% Positive Publicity

  • Exceptional Social Media Exposure

  • The Benefit of Helping Schools and Children

We will setup a special secure site where participants of the fundraiser will have access to your offer(s) right from their phone.  We will also highlight all our partner businesses throughout the campaign and through social media. 

Second--Help With Promotions

If you don't have a product or service that can be discounted, you can still be involved as we are also looking for businesses who can help us promote the fundraiser.  This can be done any way you desire.  You can get your employees involved, post the fundraiser link to your social media accounts, send emails to your customers, post the link on your website or any other way you want to help will be appreciated.

We will be starting the promotions April 10th and the fundraiser will run until June 12th.  

Any business can participate and you are welcome to offer both a discount and help with the promotions.  No offer or amount of promotion is too small.


Please Note:  This page will be removed on April 8th and replaced with a list of our sponsor companies as we want to ensure everyone knows you were involved with providing support during this difficult time.  

Call/Text Darryl Graham 703-350-7976 or Email Darryl or fill in the form below if you have questions or to confirm your business will participate and include your offer and if you also want to help with the promotions.  Thank you!

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