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You'll Enjoy Unlimited Online and Print Exposure While Helping Children and Schools With Our Exclusive Sponsor/Advertiser Program!​

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What You'll Get With This Sponsor/Advertising Service

Exposure in millions of I'm So Proud Of® books.

Unlimited and 100% Positive Exposure as a supporter of the I'm So Proud Of® book.

The ability to show you're a sponsor on your website or other media. See examples at the bottom of this page.

Unlimited Online Advertising on tens of thousands of fundraising sites and the Discount Center site that millions of people will use. No limits on traffic, and your sponsor site will be fully customizable by you.

The Creation of I'm So Proud Of® Books

I'm So Proud Of® was created in 2014 by Kathe Powell after she began leaving her son notes telling him how proud she was for different things in his life. His friends would see the notes and wanted ones of their own, so she began writing them to dozens of children.


Ms. Powell saw the positive effects of the notes on her son and his friends and decided to write a unique book so that other parents could write special messages to their children. ​


The book became an instant success within her circle of friends. Like all great ideas, she moved on to creating a business and selling the books online so everyone could provide their children with positive messages. ​


I'm So Proud Of® is now set to launch its third version, and Ms. Powell wants to use it to help children, schools, and businesses.

Children's Race
Children Using Tablets

About The Books

Here's a sneak peek at the version 3 front and back covers. The covers will contain 30 child-friendly images and 43 motivational phrases.

The I'm So Proud Of® book teaches children about bullying, respect, friendship, school, and many other topics through engaging and child-friendly short stories.


What makes this book unique is the space where adults can write messages to their children when they do something that makes them proud.


These written notes provide a keepsake the child can look back on as they grow up and realize their self-worth and how amazing they were and are.


Each book includes a bookmark to let the child know they have a new note to read. There are also 12 short child friendly stories where children learn about important issues such as bullying, respect, manners, friendship and more.  Plus word games and plenty of space for adults to write special notes to the children.

Back of book.jpg

The Sponsorship Approach

Kathe Powell has created a way that schools can use the I'm So Proud Of® book to raise much-needed funds with a fundraising program that is as unique as the books.


And to make this happen sooner than later, she decided to enlist the help of businesses to sponsor the new fundraising division and, in return, provide them with unlimited, positive advertising both in print and online.

Affordable sponsorships.

Businesses get much more in return than their investment.

A limited number of sponsorships are available.

Two sponsorship options to choose from.

How It Works

As a sponsor, you get to highlight your business directly in the I'm So Proud Of® book or on the bookmark, and you'll get a website that you can fully customize. These sites will be listed on all the individual fundraising websites as each school will have its own. ​


Plus, all sponsors will also be listed in the Business Discount Center author Kathe Powell is creating, which will go hand in hand with the fundraising. There will be tens of thousands of fundraising sites, and millions of people will use the Discount Center.

About The Fundraising Program and Discount Center

With your help, the fundraising program will allow schools to quickly raise money, help children gain confidence, help parents interact positively with their children, and provide participants with the ability to save money on thousands of products and services. ​


Plus, the fundraising program will continue to provide money to schools after the fundraiser is over--We call this The Fundraiser That Keeps On Giving.


We're also building a business discount center where businesses will offer discounts to participants of the fundraisers.


There will be tens of thousands of discounts on products and services from businesses in the US.


When a school runs a fundraiser with the I'm So Proud Of® book, they will sell the books for $14.95 and keep $8 of each sale.


Everyone who buys a book will also get a free 6-month account at the discount center.


The discount center will sell for $9.95 for six months or $17.95 for a year.


As they renew their membership to the discount center, the school they originally signed up for will receive $6 for each 6-month account and $12 for each annual plan, ensuring the school continues receiving money after the fundraiser ends.


The entire process will be 100% free for schools to set up and use, be fully automated, easy to implement, and allow schools to make thousands of dollars upfront and continue getting paid after the initial fundraiser ends.


Each school will have its own unique and customized fundraising website. As a sponsor, your business will be on all the sites and in the sponsor section of the discount center for more positive online exposure. ​

Here are some of our current sponsors...

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A Win For You, A Win For Them, A Win For Everyone

Our goal is for you as a sponsor to get much more in return than what you invest, and we can launch our new fundraising division as soon as possible. ​


The positive publicity and massive exposure this will create for your business is a win for you. ​

Our ability to help children, adults, and schools is a win for them. ​


Getting the fundraising division live quickly is a win for everyone.

Children in Playground

Choose A Sponsorship Option

We have two options for you to choose from.

Gold Option is a 5-year sponsorship where we'll list your business in the I'm So Proud Of® book for all five years. You will also get unlimited online exposure with your website.

The one-time price for the Gold is only $495

Platinum Option is a 10-year sponsorship where we will list your business on the actual bookmark for all ten years. You will also get unlimited online exposure with your website.

The one-time price for the Platinum is only $795

Help your business by supporting the I’m So Proud Of® Fundraising Program so we can help more children, schools and parents.

If you have questions, contact Darryl Graham.