Put Your Business and Positive Message in Front of a Million Adults

Being one of our bookmark sponsors will provide your company the ability to be in front of one million adults and children over and over again.  But even more important than that, it will provide you the ability to showcase your company as one that cares about children and their future. 


Our current bookmark contains images of animals, however with our new fundraising program we decided to offer this valuable space to businesses that want 100% positive exposure and who will also provide a positive message to the children and adults alike.

The new fundraising program will be coordinated with schools across the country and be a very unique opportunity to help schools raise money by utilizing the books and our partner discounts. 

By being one of our limited sponsors, you'll be helping your company get extraordinary repetitive and positive exposure and you'll be helping children gain confidence, self esteem and positive motivation.


Plus we will reduce the price of the books to $12.95 and give our sponsors credit for this discount.  In addition, your company will be listed as a sponsor on our websites for even more positive online exposure. 


The bookmark is full color and is 3.25 inches wide by 8.50 inches tall.  Each sponsorship will be 3.25 by 4.25 inches.  Unfortunately we can only have 4 sponsors. There will be two on each side of the bookmark. 


Because the bookmarks are an integral part of the I'm So Proud Of® book, they will not be thrown away as they work hand in hand with the notes adults write to children. 


Each time a note is written, your message will be seen by adults and children.

For details on becoming one of our sponsors, fill out the form below or call or text Darryl Graham at 703-350-7976.

Thanks! Message sent.