Put Your Positive Company Message in Front of One Million Children and Families.

Become an advertising sponsor for our school fundraising program and get amazing and exceptional exposure!

Since 2014, the I’m So Proud Of® books have been helping children gain confidence and self-esteem, while providing parents a unique way to interact with them.


Schools desperately need to raise money, so we’ve decided to use the I’m So Proud Of® book, which has had such a positive impact on children and adults alike, to help them.


To make this happen, we’re looking for sponsors to work with us. In return, your company will be an integral part of the books, you’ll get unlimited advertising and the ability to provide children with a positive message.


About the books


The I’m So Proud Of® books teach children about bullying, respect, friendship, school and many other topics, through engaging and child-friendly short stories.


What makes this book unique is the space where adults can write messages to their child when they do something that makes them proud.


We all tell our children how proud we are of them. However, the written word lasts a lifetime.


These written notes provide a keepsake the child can look back on as they grow up and realize their self-worth and how amazing they were and are.


Each book includes a bookmark that can be placed in the book so the child knows when there is a note written for them.


How does it work?


The bookmarks are an integral aspect of the books, will be connected to positive memories for the children and will be seen every time a note is written.


As a sponsor, you get to highlight your business and positive message on 1,000,000 bookmarks that will be distributed in the books. By having positive corporate messages on the bookmarks, it will make the I’m So Proud Of® book more powerful and beneficial to children and adults alike.


There will be 2 sponsors on each side of the bookmark and you can provide a positive message or we can write something for you to approve.


We’re also coming out with our third edition book where the inside and outside covers will contain 62 positive phrases and child-friendly images.


Here’s an example of the front and back covers of the new book as well as a sample bookmark.

Front Cover


Back Cover


Bookmark new 4.png
Back of book.jpg

This isn’t only a great project to sponsor but also a great advertising opportunity for you.


Besides the bookmark, you will also receive your own sponsor web page. This page will be listed on thousands of sites as each fundraiser we do will have its own website.


Your sponsor web page will never expire and you’ll have full control over its content. Plus the online traffic you get to your page is limitless!


You’ll also get 50 of the new third edition I’m So Proud Of® books and all will include your new bookmark. See the bookmark in action.

Here’s a short video where you can see the bookmark in action with the full color I’m So Proud Of® book. 


Note: This is a high resolution video that does not like being small, so viewing in full screen is highly recommended.   You'll find the button for this in the bottom right of the screen after you start the video.

What you’ll get with this Sponsor/Advertising Service

● 1,000,000 Printed Full-Color Bookmarks placed in books with your business and positive message.

● Unlimited Online Advertising on thousands of websites with Your Sponsor page.

● 50---Third Edition I’m So Proud Of® books with your new bookmark.  These will be great to give to clients, employees, friends, family—well, anyone with children or expecting children.

● Unlimited and 100% Positive Exposure.

● Helping children and adults with your positive message.

● Helping schools get much-needed funds.

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