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New and Unique Sponsorship Advertising Opportunity That Will Give Your Business Unlimited Massive Positive Online and Print Exposure!

And, Place Your Company as a Founding Sponsor of Our New Fundraising Initiative That Will Help Millions of Children and Tens of Thousands of Schools.

Sorry Sold Out!

Sorry Sold Out!

As a business you want to get as much exposure as possible and in today's environment, positive exposure is pure gold and that's exactly the kind of exposure you'll get here.

By working with us you're going to get not just exposure, but massive positive exposure as we get millions of I'm So Proud Of® books to children and help schools raise funds they desperately need.

Join our current sponsors both big and small and help your company while helping children and schools at the same time.

  • T-Mobile

  • Arlington Auto Group

  • Gabro Graphics

  • Summer Lake Hot Springs

  • Burnside Solutions

  • Forrest Springs Campground

  • Your Handy Ones


Make sure you request your FREE I'm So Proud Of® books by
filling in the info at the bottom of this page.

About Us

I'm So Proud Of® was created by Kathe Powell in the Fall of 2014 to help build confidence and positive motivation in children while also teaching them lessons on important topics such as bullying, respect, manners, friendship, family and many more. 


She got the idea from her son David who started leaving her notes around the house telling her how much he loved her and thanking her for the things she did for him.

She loved the notes so much that she began leaving him notes that started with the phrase I'm So Proud Of David.


In a very short time she noticed his grades improving, he did more around the house without being asked and he was always showing his friends the notes he received.

Pretty soon, Kathe found herself writing notes to his friends who had become envious of all the cool notes that David had and since Kathe’s house was the resident “kids on the street house”, there was no shortage of notes being left and collected by all.

Kathe started the company ISPO Sponsors in 2014 so others could use the I'm So Proud Of® book to write notes to their children when they do something that makes them proud.

Kathe now has plans to help millions of children get the books while helping schools get much needed funds and get your business massive positive exposure.

Her new fundraising initiative is going to revolutionize fundraising with a product and service that is fat free, sugar free and 100% positive.

Sorry Sold Out!

Group Seflie

Benefits of The Sponsorship Advertising

* You'll get consistent, positive and massive exposure for a one-time payment! 

The I'm So Proud Of® book is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year so we're offering a limited number of sponsorship advertising accounts to celebrate this milestone.

* Your company name will be listed in every I'm So Proud Of® book for the length of your sponsorship.  Imagine being part of something that is 100% positive and adults associating your company with helping their child.

* You'll be a Founding Sponsor.  Only 100 businesses in the world will have this right and once these are gone, they will never be offered again.

* We will provide you with media you can place at your site or use in other company materials so you can tell the world you are a sponsor of I'm So Proud Of®.

* Your company name and logo will be placed on the bookmarks along with a motivational phrase.  The bookmarks are an integral part of the books and will be seen and read over and over again by children and adults.  See the example below.


* You'll get unlimited online exposure and traffic (No extra cost for clicks or views) and massive print advertising with the listing in the book and the bookmarks. 


The bookmark below shows three of our new sponsors and you can
create your own motivational phrase or we'll write it for you.

Bookmark Mar 1 22.jpg
School Bus & Children

About The Fundraising Division

Kathe was always very involved with her son's schools and saw firsthand the problems with fundraisers.


  • They usually take a lot of time and people to make them work.

  • The products are not always healthy.

  • They are always overpriced.

After selling the I'm So Proud Of® book for going on 10 years, she realized it would be a fantastic product for fundraisers and she put her creative mind to work in order to make the fundraiser a slam dunk.

The I'm So Proud Of® book sells for $14.95 which includes shipping and handling to anyplace in the US.  Schools will sell the book for the same price but since we save a lot on shipping, handling and processing, Kathe is giving the lions share to the schools.  They will get $8 of every book sold.

In addition she is also building a Business Discount Resource Center that everyone who buys a book will get access to.  The Discount Center will allow businesses to post special offers and discounts that will only be available to those who participate in the fundraiser.

So when someone buys a book from a school, they will get the book for the regular price and instant access to special savings from businesses.

This will make the fundraiser something everyone can benefit from and dramatically increase the amount of money the schools will make.

The systems she is having built will make the entire process extremely easy for the schools as they will get their own personal website that will automatically be customized for them. 


All the school has to do is distribute the link to their site.  They will distribute the books to those who purchase in one night and everything else will be fully automated. 


No more asking children or adults to go door to door or distribute product and keep track of who bought what.  The system will simplify the entire process for everyone.

Plus there will be zero cost to the schools to participate in the fundraiser.

Race Competition in Nature

Why Get Involved Now

  • Only 100 Sponsorship Advertising accounts will be sold and we will never offer this again.

  • You'll have exclusive rights as a founding sponsor to showcase your involvement with helping children and schools.

  • This offer will end with 100 accounts or on April 12, 2024, whichever comes first.

  • The price is affordable for any size business and the goodwill alone will be invaluable to your company.  Add in the exposure from online and print and you get a service that covers all the bases.


Price and What You Get

One Year Account Plus One Year FREE is only $995

  • Your company name will be listed in every I’m So Proud Of® book sold during your term.  While we will place your name in the book starting with our third edition release in May 2024, your term will not start until January 2025.


  • You'll get your own customizable company info page in our sponsor section that will be shown on all the sites we produce. 

    The sponsor section will be at the main I’m So P
    roud Of site and the discount resource center sites as well as on every one of the tens of thousands of fundraising sites. 

  • There are no limits on traffic, clicks or views.


  • We’ll send you 10 of the third edition I’m So Proud Of® books for free.


  • Your company name, logo and motivational message will be placed on a minimum of 250,000 bookmarks.  These bookmarks are an integral part of the books and will be seen and read over and over again.

  • You'll be aligned with a product that is 100% positive and dedicated to helping children realize their self worth while providing parents a fun and unique way to interact with their children to give them a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

  • As the sponsorship advertising program is new, we will give you a second year absolutely FREE.  You will never be automatically charged after your term is up.  If you want to continue with the service, you can do so at the same rate for as long as you want.

Sorry Sold Out!


The Next Step


If you're interested in working with us and you'd like to see the books, then fill in the information below and let us send you some sample books at absolutely no cost or obligation. 


We want you to see what a first class product we have and how beneficial this is going to be for your business.

There are some organizations we cannot work with due to the nature of our business and keeping our business and product totally objective.  


  • No politicians or political parties.

  • No businesses that sell only guns, ammo or weapons of any kind.

  • No religious organizations.

  • No businesses selling only alcohol.

  • No Vape, CBD, Dispensaries or Smoke shops.

  • No businesses that deal in hate or racism of any kind.

  • No casinos.

  • No businesses trying to persuade people to take their beliefs regardless of what they are. 

Please fill in the information below
All requests will be verified to keep scammers out.

Please Note:  You will NOT be added to any list and your info will NEVER be shared with anyone.  


Fields with * are mandatory.

Fields w

Thank you, we're sending your books today.

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