We bring clients to you!

The Service Industry Module will work for you by bringing prospects directly to you.

As people need your service, they will fill out a short form with what they are looking for.  This information will be sent directly to one of our members.  If that member gets the job, the lead is closed.  If not, it will be sent to the next member.

You NEVER pay separate for these leads and you're not competing with other businesses when you get a lead.


This will be a fully automated process handled by the site.

Everyone needs leads and everyone wants more business and this module will provide everything you need and with our Founder Account, you get it all for less than other sites charge for just one lead.

Here's How It Works.

You fill out a short profile about your business that can include pictures and or video if you desire.  You can put any amount of information in your profile that you desire.

As people come to our sites, they will be notified that we can help them get services they desire.

They fill in a short form with their requirements and if your business fits their requirements then their information is sent directly to you.

If you get the job, the lead is removed from our distribution queue.  If you don't, then it goes back into the queue and will be sent to the next business that meets their requirements.

This means you're not competing with other businesses for the same job and remember their will never be an additional cost for leads.