Real Estate Agents Will
Love This Module!

With the real estate module, you'll be able to post all the properties you have for sale or rent.  As a founding member, you will not be limited with your listings, however there can be no sharing of the service with others.

* Users will be able to find your listings using the built in search tool.

* Prospects can interact with you via online forms--no spam and they can also sign up to get notifications when a property meets their needs.


* Each property you list will have a unique URL so people can easily share the listing on Social Media and send to others who may be interested.


* Property listings will be tied into Google Maps so prospects can easily see where the property is located, get directions and send to others. 

In short this module will allow you to take complete control over all your listings without worrying about paying extra for images or multiple listings.

You'll be able to easily add your listings using your secure back office. 

Even if you already have something similar to our Real Estate module, you will benefit by having an account with us. 


There is no such thing as too much website traffic and there is no such thing as too much positive exposure.

Get your Founder Account today, get unlimited traffic, the Real Estate module and all the modules we're currently working on and all that we add in the future. 

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