Working Together We're Going to Help Your Business, Participants, Children and a the 2020 high school graduates with Our "Everyone Wins Promotion!

We're looking for businesses that want free unlimited positive advertising.  In exchange for a free listing in our partner section, we ask that you provide a discount of your product or service.  You can make any offer you desire and you can set it up however you want.  You can also change the offer anytime you want.


There will be no card for people to carry or coupons to cut as the discounts will be right on their phone.


Even if you're currently closed, consider participating so when you do open, you have instant advertising.   

Examples from some of our current partners include:

Long's Corporation is giving 15% off any service.

David's Small Engine Repair is offering 20% off any repair.

Pizza Boli's is offering a second pizza at half price when someone buys any pizza at regular price.

Old Sleepy Hollow Shell is offering 10% off any oil change.

Carter Paint is offering 10% of any purchase.

These are just a few of the offers provided by businesses and the more we have, the more we can help, so please join us.


Here is a brief overview on what we will be doing.

We've been selling the I'm So Proud Of® book since 2014 for $9.95 each.  We're keeping the same price but we will be adding your discount to our partner section at no cost to you.

People will pay $9.95 and get the I'm So Proud Of® book and they will also get access to the discounts provided by you and the other businesses. 

$5.00 of every sale will be used to buy a special customized graduation good bag for the 2020 high school graduates of Fairfax County, Arlington County and Falls Church City.

There is no cost for you to be a partner and you'll not only be helping your business, but children, everyone who participates and the graduates who missed out on so much.  Our goal is to make at least 60,000 sales to ensure we can get packages for all the grads and this means a LOT of publicity for you.  

Every business in the DMV area is welcome to participate.


Here's All You Need To Do:


Call/Text Darryl Graham 703-350-7976, Email or fill in the form below.  All we need is your business name and the discount you want to offer and any limitations or instructions to users and we'll handle the rest. ​

Please Note: This page will be removed when we start selling the books and be replaced with a listing of the businesses and discounts so people can see who is helping and how valuable their purchase will be.  We will setup a separate secure web page where participants can access the actual discounts that will include instructions and/or rules on how they can redeem your offer.