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Partner Bonus Offers is Coming Soon and
You'll Get Unlimited Access!


We're currently developing our Proud Partner Bonus feature and you'll get unlimited access once it goes live in February.


Here's how this will work.  We're currently contacting businesses across the US both large and small that want to help children.  We will ask them to give a special offer to everyone who buys the I'm So Proud Of® book.

We will have a members only site where you will be able to login and see all the offers and take advantage of any you want.  The Partner Bonuses will be included to everyone who buys an I'm So Proud Of® book and your access to the private member only site will never expire.

Order your I'm So Proud Of® book(s) now and we will send you details on the Proud Partner Bonuses as soon as it goes live.

If you are involved with a business and want to provide a special offer, please click on the Contact button and get in touch with us so we can list your offer.