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We want to help you raise money. 

We want to do our part during the COVOD-19 crisis so we've created a unique approach to our business that will get money to you, help children, help businesses and allow all participants to save money.


Our initial fundraiser will be focused on the DMV area and there is no cost to your organization.

Here is a brief overview on what we will be doing.

We've been selling the I'm So Proud Of® book since 2014 for $9.95 each.  We are keeping the same price but we will be working with local businesses and asking them to provide discounts to everyone who buys a book.

People will pay $9.95 and get the I'm So Proud Of® book and they will also get unlimited access to the discounts provided by our partner businesses. 

$5 of the $9.95 will be donated to the nonprofit we work with and we will distribute the funds every 2 weeks.


We want to start this as quickly as possible as we know you need money.  Once we have the organization in place, we will continue getting more partners.  We have some, but need you first. 


Our goal is to raise at least $500,000 for you. 

Here's All You Need To Do:


Call/Text Darryl Graham 703-350-7976, Email or fill in the form below if you have questions or to confirm your nonprofit wants to be part of this fundraiser. ​

Please Note: This page will be removed when we start the fundraiser and be replaced with a short overview on your organization. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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