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The Smile on Your Child's Face and the Hugs You'll Receive Will Be Precious.

The Unconditional Love of a Few Words Will Be Forever Remembered!

I'm So Proud Of® is a unique interactive book that helps children:

  • Gain Confidence 

  • Build Self Esteem 

  • Learn to deal with important issues of the day  

  • Provides a written keepsake of how wonderful they are.

This amazing book will provide your child short stories, puzzles and word searches, beautiful full-color photos and best of all, spaces throughout the book for you to write positive notes to your child when they do something that makes you proud.


You place the included bookmark where the new note is and this lets the child know he/she has a note to read and allows you to prepare for the hug that's sure to follow. 


This positive written feedback will last a lifetime and allow your child to always remember how wonderful and amazing they were and are.

The short stories help children learn about:

  • Bullying

  • Respect

  • Manners

  • School

  • Sharing

  • Kindness

  • And many others to help reinforce your own teachings on these matters.

The fun puzzles and word search games help build strong minds.

The full color 40 page book and gorgeous photos are something all children will love.

This one of a kind book is trademarked with the US Patent and Trademark office and is made in the USA from all USA materials.

We all tell our children we are proud of them and with I'm So Proud Of®, you'll give them a written treasure that will help them now and forever.

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Special Offer!

The regular price of I'm So Proud Of® is only $12.95 each, however thanks to our amazing corporate sponsors who want  to  help more children get these books we are able to offer the books for only:

$9.95 each!


Shipping and handling is included with all orders however we can only ship to US addresses.

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