Together, we're going to help turn the senior year of 2021 graduates from a negative to a positive. 

We created a unique, motivational and commemorative slogan and logo that will be emblazoned on high quality blue, black or red tee-shirts.  Then we created 2 additional inspirational messages that we placed on bumper/window stickers. 


We put them together in a package that you can sell to the over 7 million 2021 US graduates.


The shirt and sticker combination will be a very popular gift and keepsake as they can ONLY be purchased through our website and ONLY sold by OUR affiliates.

You'll make $5 for each $24.95 sale and this price includes all shipping (2 day priority mail), handling and taxes to any US address.

Proud BuS.jpg
Bumper Sticker v2.jpg

We will only accept affiliates until mid April and then we will begin selling the packages and we will sell through July and once we stop selling, these shirts will instantly become collectors items as they will NEVER be sold again.  This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make extra money and/or help commemorate the senior year for 2021 graduates who lost so much.