Building Confidence in Children One Note at a Time!

The Ultimate Fundraising Package

I'm So Proud Of® is a great way to raise funds for your nonprofit organization.  

  • It's Sugar Free! 

  • Calorie Free!

  • Fat Free! 

  • Is 100% Safe for All Children!

  • Our partner bonuses will be the icing on the cake to ensure you have an extremely successful fundraising campaign.


If you're involved in fund raising for your school, church, scouts or any nonprofit organization, then make I'm So Proud Of® part of your plan.


Your organization will make $5 on each $9.95 sale with a unique one of a kind product that also includes savings from the best companies around.  


We make the entire process simple and profitable for your organization.  There is no door to door selling, there are no up front costs, all money is paid directly to your organization and with our unique approach, your campaign will quickly go viral and sales can be made anywhere in the US.



Call or text us at 703-350-7976 or click here to fill in a support form and let's get started with your profit pulling fundraising campaign.