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An Amazing Fundraising Program That Keeps On Giving--Even After Your Fundraiser Ends!

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With the help of our Sponsors (Sponsor names will be announced soon) we're creating a new fundraising program built around the I’m So Proud Of® books.

Our fundraising program will provide your school the ability to easily raise money, help children gain confidence, help adults interact with their children in a positive way and provide participants the ability to save money on thousands of products and services.

Plus the fundraising program will continue to provide money to your school indefinitely.  Keep reading for the details on this unique approach.

We're also building a business discount center where businesses will offer discounts to participants of the fundraisers.


There will be tens of thousands of discounts on products and services from businesses in the US.


The discount center will cost $9.95 a year or $6.95 for 6 months.


When a school runs a fundraiser with the I’m So Proud Of® book, they will sell the books for $12.95 and keep $7 of each sale.


Everyone who buys a book will also get a free 6 month account to the discount center. 

As they renew their membership to the discount center, the school they originally signed up under will receive $6 of each yearly account fee and $3 of each 6 month plan.


This will ensure your school receives money even after the fundraiser ends.

This is all going to happen thanks to our sponsors.

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The Fundraiser That Keeps on Giving is Only Available From the I’m So Proud Of® book and will be available in 2022.

The  I’m So Proud Of®  fundraiser will be free for schools to participant with zero out of pocket costs.