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Business Directory Module

This will allow you to showcase your business with an easy to setup interface.  You can tell people about your business, products and services and include Google Maps and Geo Coding so they can easily find you.  This will also be tied into the Coupon and Special Offer module so you can get more exposure for your specials.  Users will be able to share your business to a Facebook fan page and find you using a variety of search features.

Classified Ad Module

As a member of the BBRC, you'll have the ability to give others a free account to use this service.  Anyone can search and buy from it, but only those invited by our members will be able to post for free.  Anyone not invited by a member can pay to post so you can use this as a bonus to sell other products and services.  This module will also be one of our traffic generating services.

Job Posting Module

You'll have the ability to post unlimited jobs at NO additional cost.  As your business grows, you'll need employees and since job posting sites are very-very expensive we decided to include a top of the line job posting service.  This will also work to drive traffic to our clients because as people search jobs, they will find the business center.