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Don't just tell your children you are proud of them.  Write them a note in their I'm So Proud Of® book to create a keepsake of positive memories that will last a lifetime.
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All children want to receive positive feedback from the adults in their lives and while telling a child you are proud of them is great, nothing beats the written word so children can read the positive comments from adults over and over again.

The I'm So Proud Of® book contains full color images throughout the book as well as puzzles and a variety of lesson learning child friendly stories that will teach children about issues such as bullying, kindness, sharing, responsibility, school, manners etc.

There is plenty of space to write your own notes and each book comes with an I’m So Proud Of You bookmark that you'll place inside the book after you write a message.  This lets the child know they have a special note to read.

I'm So Proud Of® is a genuinely unique, powerful and practical book that helps children and adults create a lasting keepsake of positive memories that will last a lifetime.

The messages in the books and the messages written to the child will help children of today become the positive, motivated, happy and confident adults of tomorrow.

Get your I'm So Proud Of® book(s) today for your children, friends, neighbors, siblings or grandchildren and provide an amazing interactive book they will cherish for a lifetime.


The books are only $12.95 each and this includes shipping and handling to anyplace in the USA.


You can checkout using PayPal or through our Secure Credit Card processor.

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