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About the I'm So Proud Of® book:

I'm So Proud Of® was created by Kathe Powell in the Fall of 2014.  She got the idea from her son David who started leaving her notes around the house telling her how much he loved her and thanking her for little things she did for him.


She loved the notes so much that along with telling him how proud she was when he did something positive, she began writing him notes that usually started off with the phrase I’m so proud of David.

In a very short time she noticed his grades improving, he did more around the house without being asked and he was always showing his friends the notes he received.

Pretty soon, Kathe found herself writing notes to his friends who had become envious of all the cool notes that David had and since Kathe’s house was the resident “kids on the street house”, there was no shortage of notes being left and collected by all.

To make a long story short, I'm So Proud Of® was born so other adults could write notes to the children in their lives when they do something that makes the adult proud.

We've sold tens of thousands of books over the years at $12.95 each with 100% positive feedback. 

Because of our sponsors who want positive exposure, unlimited traffic and tools to help their business, we will reduce the price of the books to $9.95 when we launch our new store. 

This will help more children and allow your business to take advantage of the positive exposure associated with our book and other children products.

Get your founding member sponsor account to the ISPO BBRC today.

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