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Here's what we'll cover on this page:

  • What makes the BBRC unique.

  • How the BBRC will benefit you.

  • How our unique process works.

  • Customized business tool modules.

  • Review

  • Price and Bonuses.

What Makes the BBRC Unique: 

The ISPO Business Building Resource Center (BBRC) is a unique service to provide you with unlimited traffic, 100% positive exposure and tools to help you get more customers at an affordable price.  It has been carefully planned and is being built to ensure it will work for you and benefit your business in multiple ways.

Other places charge you for leads, sell the same lead to multiple people, force you to compete with other users to inflate lead costs, and don't provide any tools to help build your business.  In general their goal is to increase their profits while decreasing yours.

With the BBRC, you'll never pay extra for anything.  Traffic, leads, positive exposure, business building tools and an account that will never expire are all included.

How The BBRC Will Benefit You: 

  • You'll get unlimited traffic.

  • You'll get unlimited positive exposure.

  • You'll get an unlimited account that will never expire.

  • You'll get industry specific tools to help build your business.

  • The entire service will be extremely easy to use.

  • You're getting an exceptional price and amazing bonuses for being a founding sponsor.

Every business must have traffic to succeed.  Every business wants positive exposure.  Every business must advertise to succeed.  We've combined all these and more into one easy to use, and affordable service and we're offering founding sponsor accounts for a limited time that will never expire and include everything for one low fee.

How Our Unique Process Works: 

We've been selling our I'm So Proud Of® books since 2014 and now we're expanding our product line with additional products to continue helping children gain confidence, self esteem and realize how amazing they truly are. 


Our products also help families grow closer together and interact with each other in a positive and meaningful face to face way.


We're building our own custom store as we will have some unique features that are not available in any other online store.  When we launch the new store, we will be heavily promoting it and have millions of site visitors.


When you get an account with us today, you will be one of our sponsors and this sets you apart from other businesses because you'll be helping children and families while helping your business.


Our store will have two prices for all products, regular price and sponsored by price.  The sponsored by price will be at least 30% less than the regular price.  In order to get the sponsored by price, people will need to go to the BBRC and get a promo code from one of our sponsors. 


There will be a link at the store that will take them to the BBRC to get this code.  The link will be setup as a rotator so each time someone clicks it, they will be taken to a different sponsor.  They get the code and come back to complete their purchase and your business name is now associated with that person. 


When we send the confirmation and thank you emails to the customer, your business name and link to your website will be included which is positive exposure to you since they saved over 30% off their purchase thanks to you.


Every sponsor will have their own promo code and by having the rotator setup, it ensures all our sponsors will receive traffic. 


In addition, we will also be promoting the BBRC through search engines, social media, offline ads, and a variety of online ads to generate even more traffic for you.

Customized Business Tool Modules: 

As a Founding Sponsor, you'll get access to all the modules below and all we build in the future.  These are the modules we're starting with, however we will be adding many others. 


Some of the future ones will be designed to help drive traffic and others will be tool modules related to specific industries.

All will be easy to use and customized by our programming team to be unique and function based on the needs of our customers.

You might not use all the modules at once, but they will be there for you when you need them.

Real Estate Module:  

With the real estate module, agents will be able to post all the properties they have for sale or rent.  

  • Everyone will be able to find your listings using the built in search tool.

  • Prospects can interact with you online and get notifications when a property meets their needs.

  • Each property you list will have a unique URL that can be shared by anyone.

  • Listings will be tied into Google Maps so people can easily find the property and get directions.

In short this module will allow you to take complete control over all your listings without worrying about paying extra for images or multiple listings.

Even if you already have something similar to our Real Estate module, you will benefit by having an account with us because you'll get unlimited traffic and unlimited positive exposure and unlimited listings.

Real Estate Home.jpg

Contractor Module:  

One of the problems with other contractor sites is they sell leads to multiple businesses so for example if you're an electrician, you could get the same lead that 5 or 10 of your competitors get.  You're all paying for the lead but only one of you gets the business and if you're busy and don't reply immediately, you have no chance of getting the job.


Our system will be unique in that we will only send the lead to one contractor at a time.  You don't pay extra for the lead and if you get the job, that person will be removed from the queue.  If you don't, they are sent to the next contractor until the job is hired.


You'll have a full back office where you can list the work you do and locations you serve, provide background on yourself and your business as well as upload images of other jobs if applicable such as painters, landscapers, etc.


People will be able to do their own searches and contact you directly as you can post any contact info you desire and anyone can search for free without signing up to anything or jumping through hoops.

Contractor site.jpg

Business Listing Module:  

This module will be available for all businesses, but it will be much more than a simple listing like you find all over the Internet.  Businesses will have a complete back office where you'll be able to create unique postings about your business, what you offer, where you're located, upload images, create links to products and much more.


People will be able to search for your business based on products/services you provide, location such as city, state or zip, specials you offer, and more.  They can then contact you directly based on how you want to be contacted.  You can provide email, phone, text, website--basically anything you want.


You'll have full control over your listing and you can edit it as often as you want. 

Biz Directory 5 FB.jpg

Job Posting Module:  

At some point all growing businesses will need to hire staff.  The job posting module you'll get will have many of the same features as other job sites but you'll never pay a dime to post jobs and you can post as many as you want.

The job site will also be a big traffic generator and additional exposure for our sponsors as it will be run by the BBRC which will bring more visitors to the BBRC and more traffic to our sponsors.

Job Portal home 1.jpg

Coupon and Special Offer Module:  

Everyone loves to save money and providing a coupon or special offer is a great way to get new business.  What people don't like is having to jump through hoops, sign up to a list, agree to get notifications or texts from some company just to get access to a coupon or special offer.


The module we're building will be an easily searchable site so people can quickly and easily find any special offer you want to provide and if you want to run a sale, they will pay you directly so you get 100% of the sale price.  Other coupon sites have people pay them and they give you a percentage of the sale.  It's your money and you should get it all.

You'll be able to easily create coupons that can be redeemed online or at your business and run as many specials as you want as often as you want.

Deals Home.jpg


  • You're getting an exceptional price and amazing bonuses for being a founding sponsor.

  • You'll get unlimited traffic and 100% positive online exposure.

  • The BBRC will be extremely easy to use and will help any business.

  • We will send customers to you and you keep 100% of revenue generated.

  • You never pay for leads or traffic.

  • You'll get an unlimited account that will never expire.

  • You will have no limits on using the current modules and you'll get unlimited access and traffic from all modules we add in the future.

  • You'll be helping children and families while helping your business at the same time.

  • All aspects of the new sites will be compatible with all computers, mobile and all other devices.

We're making this offer so when we launch the site this Summer, we can hit the ground running and have businesses that we can send prospects to. 


Once we launch, this offer will never be available again and businesses joining at that time will have to pay the regular yearly price.

Price and Bonuses: 

We realize you can't see the actual sites as they are under construction and we will not launch them until they are 100% ready to go.  We also realize we need to make an offer that is beyond good so we've created a suite of bonuses that show good faith on our part and allows you to get one of these Founding Sponsor accounts today without worry.

The regular price of our service will be $97 a year plus $67 a year for each module a business wants to use.

Your price today is only $97 for everything and your account will never expire.  Plus you only pay $48.50 today and the remaining $48.50 won't be due until after we launch the sites this Summer. 

We will NOT automatically charge you the remaining $48.50.  You will receive an email prior to launch so you can go in and do your setup and make the final $48.50 payment after your setup is complete.

And to make your decision even easier, we're giving you the following bonuses.

Bonus One:  We will immediately send you ten (10) FREE I'm So Proud Of® books priority mail after you make your first payment.  This is more than a $90 value at the sponsor price of the books.  These books can only be sent to US addresses.

Give these away to clients, family, friends--you can even sell them if you want.  They are yours to use how you want.

Main cover 17_edited.jpg
10 Books_edited.jpg

Bonus Two:  You will get a second account for FREE that we call, "Bring a Friend".  This will be another full service account with all the same features and benefits as your account


You can sell this to an associate or friend or give it to them or use it as an incentive to sell something else.  They will not get the 10 free books, but they will get an unlimited account and access to everything in the BBRC when it launches.

This is more than a $97 value because when you give or sell it to someone else, the regular price of the account will be $97 a year plus $67 a year for each module.  

Whoever you offer it to will never have to pay a dime to us.

Friends Snow Tubing

Bonus Three:  You'll get 50% off any of our products for life.  You'll get a special promo code that will allow you to get this discount anytime you want with no limitations.

You can even share your discount with family and friends!


Get Your Account Today: 

If you have questions, click on the contact us button or send an email to or call or text us at 703-350-7976. 

It does not matter what type of business you have, the BBRC will help you  Any one of the features of our service is worth the price for your founding account and when you combine all you get with all this will do for you and then add in the bonuses, this is a complete slam dunk.


Get your founding sponsor account today and be part of something that will be amazing for your business and a service you can proud to be part of.  


You can checkout using PayPal or through our Secure Credit Card processor.

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